With acrylic paints on canvas, I paint vegetables and fruits and see them not as still-lifes, but as life, stilled. I spend much time looking at the actual fruits and vegetables as I paint, noticing their change from the one extreme of fresh and new, to the other of old and desiccated. Sometimes, there is more beauty in the decayed because of the color changes, and the multiplicity of lines. I liken this to people who become more interesting with age.

Recently, I have ventured into the world of printmaking. Painters transition easily into making monotypes. A process where an image is formed on a plate of plexi-glass, metal, or other flat surface, monotypes welcome playfulness and experimentation. Hence, when transferred to paper by an etching press, there is always a surprise. In my first prints I  used Createx, a water-soluble ink. Now, I use Akua inks, a non-toxic medium which encourages printmakers to make art safely. The fruit and vegetable imagery in my paintings have morphed into abstractions.

My work is influenced by Buddhism with its teachings of self-awareness. Self- awareness requires introspection and much time. Through many years of exclusively painting fruits and vegetables, I have learned about myself, realizing the fragility and effect of passing time. I have also discovered that humanity as well as my survival is in realizing that all things in the cosmos connect and overlap.





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